To contact us:

Minister Rev Phil Summers

21 Kingshill Road

Dursley Gloucestershire England

Tel. +44 (0)1453 542565

email: minister@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk

Contact for Methodist and general matters
(& material for "Senior Steward")
Alison Jackson

email: seniorsteward@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk

Contact for URC matters
(& material for "Church Secretary")
Brian Reeks

email: churchsecretary@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk

Treasurer Reg Clarke

email: treasurer@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk

Contact for hall bookings Pauline Jones

email: bookings@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk

Website Alan Jackson

email: web@wottonunitedchurch.org.uk