Standards for Presentations at Wotton United Church

(Short Version)

This is intended as information for people with some knowledge of Powerpoint. If you are uncertain what something means, please speak to your steward who will put you in touch with our screen staff for clarification.

The screen shape is 16x9, not 4x3.

Use a very dark blue, uniform background.

Use yellow text for words for the congregation to say or sing, and white for words for the leader to say or sing; use white italics in (parentheses) for instructions: e.g. (Silence), and use pale blue italics for information.

Avoid the use of bold text - surprisingly, it is harder to read - and use italic text with caution, and only for words that the congregation will not be saying.

Use Lucida Sans, ideally choosing a font size which would give between eight and ten lines to a screen. Try to keep the font size constant within an item. Centre all text.

Avoid putting words on pictures. Put the picture alongside the words - there is space to do this in widescreen format - or on a separate slide.

Change slides at a natural break.

Normally, have no transition. Avoid animations if possible. Always note where transitions and animations are used, so that the operator is aware and does not believe that an error has occurred.

Always add a spacer slide after every item, to give the leader the opportunity to expand and comment and to give the operator a chance to correct errors or accept changes

Display the CCL licence number (in the form "Licensed under CCL Licence 258648") at the end of each hymn and the publishers' copyright note at the end of any Bible passage or other copyright material to obey the law.

Keep it simple.