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In addition to our regular weekly services at Bradley Street, each month on (usually) the fourth Sunday there is a service at 6.00pm at Dryleaze House, which is a local sheltered housing development.

This page is intended to give you the information you need if you have been invited to a Dryleaze service; if you are taking one of our regular services please click here.

The Service

The service is aimed at very elderly and infirm people, some with poor sight and hearing. The service should therefore be conventional and formal in structure.

It is not a sisterhood-type or group or informal social meeting: this is a normal Church service.

The worship space is a communal sitting room, and the chairs for the congregation will be arranged in three sides of a square. The preacher stands behind a table on the fourth side of the square.

There is no sound or loop system, or projection system, or any way of displaying visual material.

We have people who are willing to read lessons.

There will not be any children present, but probably several members of the morning congregation will be there.

The duty steward will contact the preacher a week or so before each service, to give you any further information you need.


There is an electronic organ. The hymn book available is "Common Praise", an updated version of the well known "Hymns Ancient And Modern".

Methodist Worship Books are not usually available.

Bibles are not usually available to members of the congregation - the steward may well bring two or three from our church stock. Anyone doing a Bible reading will bring their own copy.

It is possible to supply Methodist Worship Books and the other hymnbooks that we use in our morning services, see the information here but please bear in mind that several people present will have extremely poor sight and hearing.

Service Details

The preacher will begin the service.

If you are using the Lord's Prayer please use the old form.

An offering is taken during the service, and the preacher is expected to accept it with prayer as usual. This can be at any point in the service that the preacher wishes.

Finding Us

Dryleaze House is at the end of unnamed road on the map branching off Dryleaze and running perpendicular to Ellerncroft Road, towrds Merlin Haven - it may be incorrect;y labelled 'Dryleaze Court' on the map. There is a small car park on the right hand side of the road, where there is usually room for the preacher to park. The entrance is beyond the car park through a pair of doors with large windows, that needs a code to enter - your steward will tell you how to enter. There is a small step up. There is a toilet with disabled access within the building.


Click here for a local map.