Sunday 23 June 2019

3rd Sunday of Whitsuntide

10:15 am Stuart Hobbs
6:00 pm Rev Simon Topping (Dryleaze House)

Readings for week of 23 June

Sunday Luke 8:26-29 Ps 22:19-28 StF 342
Monday Luke 1:57-66, 80 Ps 80:1-7 StF 73
Tuesday Acts 1:15-26 Ps 149:1-5 StF 669
Wednesday Acts 2:1-21 Ps 119:1-16 StF 372
Thursday Acts 2:14, 22-32 Ps 119:17-32 StF 285
Friday Acts 2:36-41 Ps 119:33-48 StF 419
Saturday Matthew 16:13-19 Ps 125 StF 322
Sunday Luke 9:51-62 Ps 16 StF 638
Monday Acts 2:42-47 Ps 119:49-64 StF 619

Rotas for Sunday 30 June 2019

WorshipPhilip Revill
WelcomeKath Wilkes & Dot Hill
CoffeeJudy Mills
FlowersWendy Reeks
SoundTrevor Owen
ScreensMartin Summers
GardenAlan Pearn


Important - Bell for Lift
Mary Le Riche needs assistance opening the lift bottom door as it opens towards her. Without someone to open the bottom door for her she cannot attend church. It is not always easy for her to be seen by the door steward or anyone else. As an attempt to overcome this problem we are putting a bell push at the bottom of the lift so that she can ring a bell in the vestibule and anyone can respond by opening the door. If you hear the bell please ensure that someone can respond if you are not able. Recently she was unable to attend worship and had to go back home.
16 June
June's Holy Habit is Eating Together - not surprisingly therefore we shall have a Church Lunch today! Everyone is very welcome. There will be a Church Meeting afterwards, but quite a short one, hopefully, to receive the results of our quinquennial review.
United Alive
Please remember that the next edition of United Alive will cover two months: July and August.

Wednesday 26 June

2:00 pm Baby Café

Thursday 27 June

7:00 pm Table Tennis In The Hall

Sunday 30 June

10:15 am Ann Pearce

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