Sunday 15 March 2020

3rd Sunday of Lent

10:15 am Alison Jackson - Mary Magdalene

Readings for week of 15 March

Sunday John 4:5-42 Ps 95 StF 556
Monday 1 Corinthians8:1-8 Ps 17:1-8 StF 9
Tuesday 1 Corinthians8:9-13 Ps 18:1-19 StF 240
Wednesday 1 Corinthians9:15-27 Ps 19 StF 634
Thursday Matthew 1:18-25 Ps 89:26-36 StF 219
Friday 1 Corinthians10:14-22 Ps 20 StF 712
Saturday 1 Corinthians11:17-22 Ps 21:1-7 StF 588
Sunday John 19:25-27 Ps 34:11-20 StF 278
Monday 1 Corinthians11:23-29 Ps 22:1-18 StF 587

Rotas for Sunday 22 March 2020

SoundGodfrey Marsland
ScreensPhilip Revill


Lent Lunches
Details of the Lent Lunches are in United Alive - please come along and support some excellent causes!
Covid-19 - the Coronavirus Problem
If you feel unwell, or if you are showing the symptoms of a possible covid-19 infection: DO tell someone, but do NOT come to church! If you would like still to worship on a Sunday morning, then you can either watch a podcast from Wesley's Chapel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAUqhmhevz5sqhh72LIMxA - or use one of the leaflets to worship in private; bearing in mind that although you may be alone in your room, many other people are sharing in this act of worship up and down the country - you are not truly worshipping alone.
Is There a Service Today?
Well, there is one today, but what about next Sunday? Or the Sunday after? Information will be put on the Church Facebook page, on the Church website, and where possible may be sent out by email - but email is notoriously flimsy in these circumstances. At present, the best information is that there will be a morning service here next week, but not an evening service at Dryleaze House.

Wednesday 18 March

9:30 am Informal Communion

Thursday 19 March

7:00 pm Games Night

Sunday 22 March

10:15 am Dr Tony Jeans

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