Sunday 1 December 2019

1st Sunday of Advent

10:15 am Neil Grecian
6:00 pm Advent Supper

Readings for week of 1 December

Sunday Matthew 24:36-44 Ps 122 StF 177
Monday Isaiah 1:1-11 Ps 8 StF 171
Tuesday Isaiah 1:12-20 Ps 25 StF 173
Wednesday Isaiah 2:1-5 Ps 16 StF 708
Thursday Isaiah 4:2-6 Ps 147 StF 741
Friday Isaiah 6:1-8 Ps 50:1-15 StF 188
Saturday Isaiah 7:1-14 Ps 150 StF 180
Sunday Matthew 3:1-12 Ps 72:1-7, 18-19 StF 182
Monday Ephesians 1:3-6, Ps 113 StF 199

Rotas for Sunday 8 December 2019

WorshipPhilip Revill
WelcomeJackie Ling
FlowersAlun and Janet
SoundMartin Summers
ScreensGodfrey Marsland


Churches Together In Wotton are running a Hustings again for this election, at 7.30pm next Wednesday 4 December at the Baptist Church. Details on the notice board or in Together In Wotton
Ros Wakefield - Address info
Apartment 11, The Woodlands
Drake Lane
Glos GL11 5HA
Tel: 01453 541472
Please note that this is attached to The Hollies (541400), so will not be the number which appears on your call numbers!
I have (accidentally!) acquired a large number of envelopes - usual letter size - A4 folded twice - and should be delighted to get rid of some. I thought a donation to charity might be in order for a pile of say 50. Just let me know and I'll bring them and put them in your pigeon hole! (It was because I forgot where they were stored for 2 months, and bought more...) I'd be delighted to provide tea/coffee biscuits to anyone who happens to be passing, but I can't guarantee to be in without warning! (Better to ask directions first - some people have given up because they couldn't see it in the middle of a building site!)

Tuesday 3 December

12:30 pm Unity: Christmas Lunch at the Swan

Wednesday 4 December

12:30 pm Luncheon Club

Thursday 5 December

7:00 pm Games Night

Sunday 8 December

10:15 am Alison Jackson

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